To produce conventional marzipan almond paste is mixed with big amounts of sugar, varying with the quality of the marzipan. The high levels of sugar in marzipan makes sugar replacement with stevia a technical challenge in terms of the effects on taste, bulk and texture.

Bayn’s R&D team has developed a formulation called EUREBA® Marzipan, that gives the final product the desired taste and texture with no aftertaste and an enhanced almond flavour without compromising the sweetness. The formulation is a unique combination of dietary fibres, sugar alcohols, a stabilizer and Bayn’s own stevia based, cost effective sweetener blend EUREBA© 918.

Added health benefits with dietary fibres
The use of dietary fibres in EUREBA® Marzipan opens up new opportunities to produce sugar reduced marzipans with a highly improved nutritional profile.

“When working on a formulation for sugar replacement we seek to increase the health benefits in all aspects, and not only through the elimination of sugar”, says Dr Roger Aidoo, Product Development, Bayn Europe. “In EUREBA® Marzipan, the added dietary fibres give the final product added health benefits and make it very suitable for the market for health and life style products.”

The many shifting fields of use of marzipan, such as cake covering, cake filling, moulding into shapes, etc make the texture of the utmost importance. The final sugar reduced marzipan produced with EUREBA® Marzipan will have the desired texture and taste regardless of its intended use.

The attached figure compares the sensory profile of marzipan made with sugar (“Sugar reference”) and marzipan made with EUREBA® Marzipan (“No sugar added”). Both products showed similar profiles for all attributes evaluated. The almond flavor – a key attribute for marzipan – received similar ratings for the reference sample and for marzipan with EUREBA® Marzipan.

For more information please contact:
Dr Roger Aidoo, Product Development,, tel: +46 8-613 28 88

About Bayn Europe AB
Bayn Europe AB is a Stockholm based innovative, market driven company specialized in natural and healthier sweetening systems based on sweetness from the Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni plant. Bayn’s know-how is reflected in their products, that are sold on the European market under the brand name EUREBA®. Bayn works intensively with natural bulk ingredients in their stevia applications to optimize the taste, texture and cost-in-use of the products, for the benefit of health and environment. Bayn focuses on scientific research and works according to stringent ethical and quality programs, in close cooperation with their customer base. Bayn is listed at Nasdaq Stockholm, First North, under the short name BAYN. For more information see