We are pleased to announce that we have now successfully translated and launched the Bayn website in China. The site is on a Chinese server and easy to access throughout the territory, http://bayneurope.cn/  A Chinese flag has been added to our Swedish website with a link to the Chinese one.

China is a huge market for sugar reduction According to the World Health Organization WHO, 120 million Chinese suffer from diabetes and they have a rapidly growing problem with child obesity.

“Bayn has, during the past years, built a healthy pipeline with suitable partners. Entering the Chinese market is a complex task due to the differences in culture and food regulations. Sugar reduction is not just about selling a product or a solution, it is about the whole concept. The business culture and our value proposition needs to be properly translated and communicated. We Are pleased with our decision to enter the Chinese market with a long-term strategy, and establishing this window as a communication platform for the Chinese market”, says Lucy Dahlgren, Managing Director Bayn Europe.

About Bayn Europe

Bayn Europe is an independent formulation developer of cutting edge and healthy sugar reduction solutions for the food and beverage industry. Bayn’s total solutions focus on taste, texture and cost-in-use. They are designed to help food and beverage companies around the world to reduce sugar and calories in their products. Bayn’s product portfolio contains ingredients and sugar replacers for food and beverage applications. Bayn’s business model is based on a solid network of scientific researchers, market channel partnerships and contracted manufacturers.

Mangold Fondkommission AB is Bayn’s certified adviser. Telephone +46-8-5030 1550.

For more information, please contact Lucy Dahlgren, Managing Director Bayn Europe AB, e-mail ld@bayn.se