This EUREBA® Ice Cream blend is a combination of sweetener from stevia plant and includes dietary fibres from chicory root designed for the development of “scoopable” no-added-sugar ice cream formulations. The EUREBA® Ice Cream blend has been tested in several industrial trials in European countries and the taste result revealed was promising.  The blends are now ready for sale and Bayn expects a market launch before this summer for the Swedish market.

The key features of EUREBA® Ice Cream blend are EUREBA® 918 and a bulking mix. EUREBA® 918 was developed by Bayn and it is aftertaste-free and blends well with a variety of different flavours.

“It is a technical challenge to maintain the texture and taste when all the added sugar is replaced. We are glad that our formulation achieved this goal while maintaining the economic and health benefit compared to sugar ice cream”, said Srdjan Solaja, technical director at Bayn Europe AB.

“Together with Bayn, a solution and knowledge driven company specialized in natural sugar reduction, we can position our offer to our ice cream producers to reduce their risk and uncertainties in their new product development. We are exited by its business potential for the upcoming trend for natural sugar reduction market”, says Erika Drake, managing director for Barentz Baltic.

“My idea for the formulation comes from customer requests and the available natural ingredients. I am glad to work with Bayn to realise the formulation together, and offer our customers ready-to-use natural ingredient solutions in no-added-sugar ice cream to ensure my customer’s competitive advantages”, says Solvita Mezale, food technologist and sales manager at Barentz Baltic.

EUREBA® Ice Cream blend was developed for health conscious consumers seeking healthy food choices. It is suitable for both industrial production and homemade ice cream applications. EUREBA® Ice Cream blend is a proprietary product, marketed by Bayn Europe AB and distributed by Barentz Group present in 45 countries.