“Bayn is committed to sugar reduction, both for taste and health solutions. Stevia, as a zero-calorie and natural sweetener, plays an important role”, says Lucy Dahlgren, CEO of Bayn Europe. “At Bayn, we work closely together with both scientists and researchers, as well as with the food and beverage industry, to create solutions for sugar reduction. Stevia, as a special ingredient, is supported by rigorous scientific evidence.”

”Steviol glycosides, the purified sweeteners of Stevia leaves, are a healthy and natural sweetener. However, consumers are still confused about labels as these contain too much information. This is the 10th year anniversary of EUSTAS, and we are constantly researching stevia as an ingredient, to have scientific evidence of its benefits”, says Prof. em. Jan M.C. Geuns, Chairman of EUSTAS. 

EUSTAS was one of the main applicants for the sweet constituents in the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana that were authorised as food additive in Europe in 2011.

The purpose of this two-day meeting is to bring together basic and translational scientists,

researchers and industry professionals to stimulate a creative interaction. Attendance will be limited, making it the ideal setting for discussion and learning. The symposium will consist of lectures by the top international experts in the field as well as free communications that will be presented during the poster sessions. 

“Our aim with the symposium is to summarize what is scientifically known, learn about the cutting-edge Stevia research and to reach food industry and application”, says Jan M.C. Geuns.

“We want to bring science closer to the industry, and to increase stevia’s acceptance among food producers and the public, as less sugar in products can have a major positive effect on the public health”, says Lucy Dahlgren.

The symposium will be held at the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, a leading international research institute, who’s mission is to work closely with the industry to create value, to deliver high-quality input in all parts of the innovation chain. Two researchers from SP will be presenting during the EUSTAS Stevia Symposium.

Bayn will also have two researchers presenting Stevia application in chocolate and Stevia regulation compliances and changes during the symposium.

See the invitation and full program for the 9th EUSTAS Stevia Symposium: http://eustas.org/symposium/2016/invitation_mail.html   


EUSTAS is a scientific, non-profit association whose aim is the promotion and coordination of all activities focussing on research and health in relation to Stevia rebaudiana and related compounds, to show that they are safe for the human consumption. http://eustas.org 


Bayn Europe is a knowledge company helping food producers around the world to meet market demands in building a healthier world. Bayn’s solutions reduce sugar in products, creating new, naturally sweetened low calorie diets. Our natural ingredients, refined through scientific research, are developed into innovative, healthy recipes in close partnership with our customers in the global food and beverage industry. www.bayneurope.com