Bayn Europe’s Lucy Dahlgren will be part of leading the discussion for a workshop on The need for industrial actions and innovations. The workshop will look into the role the industry could play to help children and their parents lead a healthier lifestyle, through strategic actions, innovation and communication around healthier food. The goal is to identify and define actions and innovations needed to combat childhood obesity and to make healthy eating easier and more accessible. Lucy Dahlgren will speak about how Social enterprise applies commercial strategies for sugar reduction commitment.

”Sugar reduction is an important part of ending childhood obesity. But sugar reduction also poses a challenge to the current product and market system, where removing added sugars from food and beverages means changes in taste, texture and production. I see a need for a new business model where food and beverage producers that commit to sugar reduction will make a profit, while also taking social responsibility. To embrace helping consumers make positive life habit changes, by putting healthier, affordable options on the shelves of our super markets. To achieve this, increasing the public understanding and demand on sugar reduced options is central”, says Lucy Dahlgren.

Uppsala Health Summit brings together leaders from academia, industry, governments and the private sector assemble to discuss practical solutions for better health outcomes globally. The summit is organized by a number of Swedish stakeholders in healthcare and life science and hosted by Uppsala University. Uppsala Health Summit takes place between October 10 – 12, 2016. More information can be found at: