The Sugar Reduced Community will be an open platform with news, research and discussions around sugar reduction. Bayn Europe is the initiator, but invites other companies, organizations and research institutes to become members and to take a joint approach towards added sugars and the health issues associated with high sugar consumption.

”Globally, sugar sweetened beverages alone are estimated to contribute to about 184,000 deaths each year, according to a Lancet paper published early 2016. The public demand for healthier food and beverages is growing, and people are looking for natural alternatives to sugar. Yet, sugar is such an integrated part in everyday processed food and beverages. We believe there is a need for taking joint measures within the industry to ensure both a positive trend within new product development as well as a profitable future forecast for food producers and retailers actually committing to sugar reduction”, says Lucy Dahlgren, CEO of Bayn Europe. 

The community will also consist of a project and action section where sugar reduction projects from different stakeholders are presented along with case studies to show how sugar can be replaced with other natural ingredients in common food and beverages. 

”Through the community we want to celebrate and highlight all who take action through sugar reduction commitments and programs. At Bayn, one of our first activities within the community will be to open up Bayn Studio this fall, a center for health and sugar reduction aimed at the public, combining café, do-it-yourself classes and sugar reduced products. We are currently working intensively on offering new tastes together with Lido Konditori, one of the oldest and most well renowned cafés in Gävle, Sweden, and we are evaluating different menus with tastes and possibilities for a joint sugar reduced studio. We hope more stakeholders will be inspired to take on a sugar reduction commitment through the support of the community”, says Lucy Dahlgren.

Bayn welcomes stakeholders to get in touch to become a part of the community with their ongoing projects for sugar reduction, or for help with starting up new commitments or CSR projects.

About The Sugar Reduced Community

The Sugar Reduced Community. A platform for discussions around sugar reduction, lifestyle ingredients and leading a healthier lifestyle.

About Bayn

Bayn Europe is a knowledge company helping food producers around the world to meet market demands in building a healthier world. Bayn’s solutions reduce sugar in products, creating new, naturally sweetened low calorie diets.