Humble Group AB (publ) (“Humble”) has through its subsidiary Humble Incubator AB (“Humble Incubator”) initiated a collaboration with Hatten Education AB (“Hatten”) regarding launching of products within various categories under the brand “Babblarna” through a jointly owned company. “Babblarna” is one of the most beloved brands in Sweden for children in the ages 1-5 years och has sold more than one million books, has more than one billion streams on its music and videos and has won TV awards such as Kristallen. Hatten’s main focus is language learning and Babblarna’s books are translated into a number of different languages.

By combining Humble’s strong production- and distribution network with Hatten’s long experience of creating and managing the brand “Babblarna”, all prerequisites are at hand in order to manufacture quality products that reach broad distribution in short time. Further, the objective is that several of Humble’s brands shall launch products together with “Babblarna” and the jointly owned company. Through the collaboration, Humble and Hatten are also creating a joint project within reading ability, which comprises non-profit work and donations to organisations in order to improve reading quality and content, primarily at Swedish libraries.

The jointly owned company will be a subsidiary of Humble Incubator, which has the ambition to annually create 2-4 new brands within different segments. Humble Incubator is focusing on efficiently delivering products under new brands from factory to consumer, which will contribute to reduced working capital and improve the overall flows in the supply chain, and at the same time contribute to strong gross profit margins.

“It is gratifying to see the first major launch through our Humble Incubator. I hope and believe that this is only the beginning of what the team will achieve with the strategy to be a preferred partner, when the brands of the future are choosing player to collaborate with in FMCG. We are now showing strength with the platform that we have built in Humble during the past years, where we have the possibility to create new brands and collaborations that will have a positive impact on the group’s organic growth going forward.” – Simon Petrén, CEO Humble Group AB (publ).

“As parent of young children and as an entrepreneur, I am very proud of and honoured to present this collaboration. Babblarna is one of the strongest brands in Sweden and with the infrastructure as we in Humble have built, we can secure that Babblarna reaches is fully potential on the consumer market. Many of our subsidiaries will be involved in this business, which continues to strengthen and broaden the synergies that we are daily working on. This collaboration would not have been possible without the swiftly mobility as we can offer, which really shows the greatness of Humble Group. Several exiting product launches are already planned for the summer.” – Noel Abdayem, Deputy CEO Humble Group AB (publ).

“Since the inception in 2007, the ambition with Babblarna has been to improve language learning and children’s vocabulary by language play. From babble and crowing comes speech and language. Our vision is to, together with Humble, be able to facilitate the weekday for families with children by making everyday routines more joyful and full of language game. In Humble, we have found a partner that represents quality, passionate engagement and that lies far ahead in sustainability matters, as well as having a proven execution ability.” – Anneli Tisell, Creator of Babblarna and Co-founder of Hatten Education AB.

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Simon Petrén, CEO, Humble Group AB
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