Normally, sweeteners are produced in batches, which means that the raw materials are mixed in one batch at a time, whereby intermediate cleaning and preparation of the equipment leads to high costs and thus a high unit price of the final product. Additionally, ordinary mixture of sweeteners is very difficult to handle as it is easily misdosed and there is a risk of separating during transport. EUREBA's patented solution instead means that a food producer can easily replace sugar 1:1 without any further capex investments and at the same time secure a homogeneous product, which has a long-term and consistent quality without the complexity of handling several sweeteners.

The technology has been developed over a long period of time and has also been launched for commercial use through several of the Company's products, for example the jelly candy produced by Humble's subsidiary Grahns Konfektyr AB and marketed under the Pändy brand. The product is also sold commercially to other producers, e.g. ice cream makers. The patent means that the Company has documented and secured the technical level and mapping of the process required for the production method and process to be patented. Based on the patented process, Humble's R&D company has been able to research several new products that are being evaluated for new patent applications.

“With EUREBA, we have a unique process solution that can be applied to replace sugar, but also other exciting potential areas of use. We have initially focused on getting a good commercial substitute for the sugar, where the level of sweetness is the same, but where the customer can easily replace it with our raw material which is similar to sugar but has a completely different nutritional profile and without its negative side effects. The process itself means that we not only carry out a complex mixture but also create a new homogeneous particle, which means that we can easily replace sugar in industrial production and be sure to get the same sweetness in every bag, chew or in the industrial packaging. Over time, it also enables us so that we can maintain a lower price picture of the new raw material and more effectively establish it with retailers, distributors and manufacturers. We see this as a breakthrough and an important piece of the puzzle to mass produce our sweet EUREBA® fibers and establish the mixture as a single consumer product and replace sugar in several industries, that use it as a base component in consumer packed goods.” says Simon Petrén, CEO Humble Group AB (publ).

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