The distribution agreements cover the sales and marketing of the full assortment of Pändy Foods portfolio of Bars, Candy, Chips and Drinks. The brand has a strategy model to find distribution partners that has the existing sales- and marketing channels in place to distribute the products efficiently.

“Our strategy is to find the right partner long term, rather than rushing into a collaboration where we can’t see a prosperous business relationship growing over time. All these new partners are a result of long evaluation, dialogue and negotiation to secure the best possible platform to launch the brand in each market. Moreover, we have waited with the launch until the full portfolio is, which was launched in the end of 2019. Now when it’s in place we can finally move ahead and start the rollout process. Our ambition is to have one local exclusive distribution partner in each potential market globally. When we have the possibility to work with bigger multi-national partners, we can move even faster and enter multiple countries a single point of contact, a way to scale more efficient and with less workload.

Blacklock and Francis ASIA – Australia, New Zeeland and Pacific islands
A very reputable distributor that we have been negotiating with for more than a year. Now when the final portfolio is ready, we have come to an agreement that will help us scale efficiently into these very interesting markets. Australia is basically the size of Scandinavia, with a very health conscious consumer but with far less competition than in Sweden. Their history of being one of the leading suppliers of snacks to Woolworth and Foodstuff will enable us to enter the market at a very rapid pace. I’m confident that their team will be a fantastic fit for us to and with a great timing to take a strong position in the healthy snacks and confectionery segment.

Crossjordan MENA – Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon
We’ve been in discussions with their CEO since we first met during our exhibition in Dubai 2018. Together we have now established a partnership that will cover the full region of GCC with potential to reach other close MENA markets as well. Louie is a fantastic entrepreneur and proven to elevate the sales of his other brands of distribution, Granade and Novo, to incredible sales and market-penetration in a very short time. Some of the markets have long lead-times of registration but given that we have already been selling in a few of them for some time we are hopeful that we will continue efficiently.

Lekkerland EU – Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Luxemburg
A leading whole-sale and distribution partner with range in many of the European markets. We will initially launch the products with Lekkerland Austria to their convenience sector and if the launch is successful in their channels we have a good potential to scale the brand into additional markets of the group .” – Simon Petrén, VD Pändy Foods AB


Pändy Foods AB is a subsidiary company of Bayn Europe AB, supplying consumers with healthy snacks, drinks, bars and confectionery. Until 2019 the company had distribution in around 15 markets and with the new distribution agreements in place the company will be able to start selling in several additional markets.