Paradis-Is has a specific business approach: the ice cream company produces batches of mix that are stirred locally and by hand by its franchisees. Consumers can thus enjoy freshly made ice cream with carefully selected quality ingredients, like an Italian gelateria.

In July 2019, Bayn Europe delivered the first sample order of EUREBA® to Paradis-Is.

- "During the summer we have tested Eureba in our ice cream production and are very pleased with the taste. Some flavors stand out a little extra and we are extremely satisfied, not least with the strawberry ice cream," says Lars Flanding, product manager at Paradis-Is in Denmark.

In 2020, Paradis-Is will test launch the sugar-reduced ice cream with the aim of reaching full volume in 2021. The launch will take place in both Denmark and the US.

- "Bayn Europe will organize the production of Eureba in the US, provided that the volumes allow it," says Patrik Edström, CEO of Bayn Europe, Stockholm.

In terms of ice cream consumption, the United States is second in the world. The average American eats 20.8 liters of ice cream per year. Denmark is in seventh place with an average of 9.8 liters of ice cream per person per year.

- Ice cream consumption is increasing worldwide. In 2022, the global ice cream market is expected to reach $89 billion. "The trend shows that consumers are demanding ice cream with organic ingredients and lower calorie content. On this point, we see that Eureba with its sweetened fibers has a clear market potential," says Patrik Edström.