Pandy Protein is a young, innovative company that creates products for health-oriented target groups, among others.

The brand got off to a flying start with its launch three years ago, and is now known for its great-tasting snacks, but with content that is different from other products on the shelves. The high protein, low sugar and low calorie content attracts Pandy's health-conscious target audience.

Pandy has recently started a collaboration with Bayn Europe, where Bayn plays a supporting and advisory role in the development and testing of the company's new products.

- "We are currently facing the challenge of creating new products that are in line with the market's demand for healthier alternatives. The bar is high: the products must be of high quality, taste good and have good nutritional values," says Robert Ingre, co-founder of Pandy Protein in Stockholm.

There are specific challenges when replacing sugar. Adding sweeteners is not enough.

- It's mainly about achieving a good taste with balanced sweetness and healthier fiber. It is also about choosing a sweetener that does not cause digestive problems. That combination can be difficult," explains Mats Källqvist, sales and marketing manager at Bayn Europe in Stockholm.

- But our Eureba solutions, which Pandy is testing, consist of sweetened fibers and are developed to address the main problems many companies face in reducing sugar. We therefore look forward to our collaboration with Pandy in this context," says Mats Källqvist.