Grodan opened in the fall of 1985 and is a classic restaurant in Östermalm in Stockholm. It is a restaurant created in symbiosis with its guests, who over the years have been a big part of how the restaurant's concept has developed. Being able to offer a real dessert, not just berries and nuts, without added sugar was a difficult nut to crack before they found Bayn.

Bayn and Grodan have been working together for some time to develop sugar-reduced desserts. Three of Bayn's tailor-made sugar replacement solutions have been used for chocolate truffles, ice cream and crackers, among others.

"It's great to be able to serve such fine desserts," says Nils Idevall, head pastry chef at Grodan. "I haven't had to change the recipes at all. Neither quantity, temperature nor time, and that is the great strength of EUREBA®."

For Bayn Europe, whose customers are usually manufacturers in the food industry, working with a restaurant has been interesting and rewarding. A work where they got closer to the end customer. "It's great to work with creators who really want to go the extra mile for every guest," says Ange Mertner, customer developer at Bayn. "We have worked with different sugar substitute ingredients depending on the desserts. Sometimes the biggest challenge is not the sugar reduction itself, we know that EUREBA® delivers, the challenge is that you have to convince others that the result is just as good without added sugar. Then you always get the same great feeling when the good result is presented to the end consumer."

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