The Humble Smile Foundation is our independent and non-profit organization that has been working since 2014 to promote oral health in countries where dental care is neglected. The organization works under WHO guidelines and is run by dentists.

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Our vision is prosperous and laughing children, with big smiles. We see before us a world where people take control of their own health through knowledge and the right tools; a world where oral care problems are a mere memory and preventive dentistry, and thus increased health is an accelerator for growth regardless of socio-economic status, age, religion, gender, nationality, or geographical residence. Even in the most remote corners of the world, children should be able to live healthy lives and go to school without dental problems.

The foundation

The work of Humble Smile Foundation is based on the UN's sustainability goals, which symbolize an effective and concrete plan to create a better life, for people as well as our planet, by 2030.

1% for Smiles operates through The Humble Smile Foundation, led by the eminent dentist Dr. Darren Weiss, along with his team. To this date, they have directly helped more than 100,000 children around the world, and indirectly changed habits, routines, and thus the lives of infinitely more.

1% for smiles

1% for Smiles is funded directly by Humble Group's donations and is a tool for social sustainability, whose primary focus is to promote oral care in areas where it is most neglected, through targeted projects and collaborations with local authorities and organizations. Oral health-related problems such as caries are a global problem that not only causes direct suffering but is also a gateway to other medical complications and conditions.

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