The stock

Humble Group AB (short name HUMBLE) was listed on November 12, 2014, on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market, under the name Bayn Group, where the company changed with the broader investment in becoming a leading FMCG company for the products of the future.

Number of shareholders

The ten biggest shareholders are listed below. 

 NameNumber of sharesSourceVerified
1Noel Abdayem (NCPA Holding AB)                       25 526 449Monitor30-apr
2Håkan Roos (RoosGruppen AB)                       18 391 020Monitor30-apr
3Thomas Petrén (Seved Invest AB)                       12 570 000Monitor30-apr
4Simon Petrén (Semroen AB)                          6 000 000Monitor30-apr
5Tommy Jönsson (Deck af Lilja AB)                          5 672 199Monitor30-apr
6Handelsbanken Microcap                          5 300 000Monitor30-apr
7Mikael A Pettersson (Dita Invest Holding AB)                          4 645 141Monitor30-apr
8Peter Werme (genom fonder)                          4 464 114Euroclear28-apr
9Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring AB                          4 774 455Monitor30-apr
10Creades AB                          4 427 050Monitor15-apr

Important information about Nasdaq First North Growth Market

First North Growth Market is an alternative marketplace operated by the various exchanges included in Nasdaq. It does not have the same legal status as a regulated market. Companies in the First North Growth Market are regulated by First North Growth Market's rules and not by the legal requirements for trading on a regulated market. An investment in a company traded on the First North Growth Market is riskier than an investment in a company traded on a regulated market. All companies whose shares are listed on the First North Growth Market have a certified adviser who monitors compliance with the rules. NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB approves the application for admission to trading on the First North Growth Market.