Humble Group (short name HUMBLE) is a young, dynamic, and innovative FMCG group that delivers products that are good for both you and the planet. The group consists of 20+ separate but collaborative units that operate in fast-growing segments such as sugar reduction, functional food and sustainable beauty and health.

Humble Group AB (publ) has undergone a name change from the former Bayn Group, which has been listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market, since November 12, 2014.

Please see the latest company presentation regarding the transaction with The Humble Co.

Bayn Group AB (publ) – Investor presentation

”A future FMCG powerhouse”

Transforming industry
The FMCG industry is one of the world's largest markets and is now undergoing a major transformation. Digitization and the demographics of Millennials and Generation Z are driving a rapid change in consumer behavior. The number of new brands and products that quickly establish themselves and grow to leading positions has never been greater.

The brands of the future
Humble Group has several fast-growing and new brands in its portfolio. An important part of the growth strategy is to own your own "pioneering brands" - where you can show product concepts, change and demand to consumers and retailers for the company's solutions.

Unique positioning
Humble Group has developed a wide product range with unique characteristics and value offerings for consumers in the form of function, nutrition, sustainability, and composition. The Group has a clear focus on future verticals in FCMG such as food tech, functional food, eco- and sustainability, and vegan. 

Global market
Humble Group is targeting a global FMCG market, an industry with a turnover of more than SEK 100,000 billion. The company already has customers on all continents.

Rapid development
Humble (formerly Bayn) has grown from being a small, pure raw material technology company, becoming a significant player and an attractive home for entrepreneurs who want to be part of developing and changing the FMCG market, through better products and brands. 

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Humble is targeting a global market in the food industry, worth multiple billions of SEK. The company already has customers in several continents, such as Europe, Asia, and Africa.


Humble Group is active in a growing market, partly because authorities force companies to reduce sugar use in food through legislation since more attention is paid to the harmful effects sugar has on human health. Furthermore, does the strong health trend that influences people's everyday lives also contribute to the strong growth.


Humble Group has developed a wide range of products that can replace sugar in a number of products such as chocolate, soft drinks, ice cream, and sweets. We offer the market cost-effective natural raw material ingredients and total solutions for sugar reduction which has been developed through scientific research.


Humble has implemented a shift in business models from starting out as a raw material supplier represented by a large international distributor to focusing on its own specialties and specialist distributors. The company has developed a unique product range for sugar reduction for the food industry.